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How Long Do I Have To Wear It

For the BRAVA System to work, it must be worn for 10 or more hours each day.

Women usually wear BRAVA around 10 to 14 consecutive weeks. The more hours you wear BRAVA each day and the more days you continue to use BRAVA, the greater your growth will be.

The number of weeks worn will depend on how a person responds to BRAVA and their evaluation of how much growth is enough. As a rule, you are halfway through treatment when after removing the System for 14 hours, you are happy with the size of your breasts. For example, if it took five weeks to achieve the amount of breast increase you desire, an additional five weeks of wear would be needed to maintain this real breast tissue.

To fulfill the necessary 10 or more hours of wear each day, many women choose to wear BRAVA in the evening, while at home and while they sleep. Naturally, you must sleep on your back.

BRAVA is not painful; it offers a very gentle pull. You will get used to it after the first week or so. But in order to grow your breasts to the desired size, you must be dedicated and determined.

You should never feel pain while wearing BRAVA. If you do, please take it off and call your BRAVA COACH.