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What BRAVA Women Say

Christina, 29

I wore Brava every day for 10 hours a day for 17 weeks and grew more than a half a cup size. (as you can see a lot of my growth was in the upper portion of my breasts). I was a 34A, now I wear a 34B and I have cleavage. Brava lets me wear push up bra's and low cut shirts because now I have something to push up. I used Brava over a year ago and my breasts are still a 34B.

I am 29 very athletic, have a slender frame and have never had children. These made me a very slow responder, but I still grew more than half a cup size. The best thing about Brava is when you take it off after wearing it for 10 hours your breasts are huge. This is swelling initially but the longer you wear Brava the less swelling you have and the more real breast tissue you grow. You can be as discrete as possible because you can do this in the privacy of your own home.

I like Brava because you can control exactly how big your breasts can become. It is addicting because you always want more. That is why I chose to wear Brava for 17 weeks. I was concerned about the shape of my breasts changing because I like their shape. The only change is that they became much fuller. I got a 360-degree fullness because they grew in every direction. They look natural because they are, unlike implants that look very artificial. The only problem that I had with skin irritation was when I didn't wash the domes every morning. The dead skin cells and sweat caused a little bit of redness not enough to stop wearing Brava but it cleared up after I washed the domes everyday and used some cortisone cream. To use Brava, it takes time and someone with patience, so if you want a Pam Anderson look overnight Brava isn't for you. However if you just want to lift and add fullness to what you already have, you will be happy with the results.

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