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What BRAVA Women Say

Samantha, 27

I was seriously considering breast implants, but I didn't want to have something fake inside me and I was afraid it would look bad. Besides when I told doctors I only wanted to go up a cup size, they said they didn't like to go below 300 cc. I wondered why they got to decide how big my breast should be and part of me was afraid I'd wake up with whatever breasts the doctor wanted. So I got on line hoping for a miracle break thought to make my breasts grow. I tried the herbal pills before and of course they didn't work. I found BRAVA and started to research it. I looked for news reports and before and after pictures. I was really excited about BRAVA, all of my findings said it worked. The very next day I called and ordered.

When I got the BRAVA system I realized that I probably wouldn't be able to go unnoticed in public with it on, but I hadn't planned on it. I wore it while I slept. I'd put it on when I knew I was in for the evening, wore it all night, and when I got up I took it off. Every morning I woke up with much larger breasts due to the swelling. For at least 3 hours after I took the system off everyday I had something to look at. I must have tried on every bra and bathing suit I had. Sleeping on my back wasn't a problem; I had been doing that anyway. I wore the system for 10 weeks an average of over 12 hours a day. The last couple of weeks I was wearing it I had been sick on and off and some nights I didn't feel like wearing it the whole time. Even with the missed time my results were significant. I didn't think I had grown that much, not only because I was use to the size with the swelling, but because I forgot how small I use to be. I took pictures topless before and after and when I compared the two I couldn't believe what a difference the BRAVA system had made. When I started I was a 34 A at best, now I can fit my 34 B bras I've been waiting to wear.

I plan on using the BRAVA again in a couple of months. I can't wait to see how much growth I can get. The best part is that its real breast tissue and my breast shape has stayed the same only fuller. So, I don't have to look in the mirror at implants and wish I hadn't ruined my body.

There are some sacrifices. I had to make sure I was home at night in time to get at least 10 hours. I also had to miss out on snuggling with my husband at night. But it's only 10 weeks out of a lifetime. It's worth it. If you want to grow more than a cup size, either you need to be willing to put some time into the BRAVA or you could always stuff plastic bags in your chest. The choice was easy for me.

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